Step 1. Introduction

So, let’s deal with the basics first. If you don’t know anything about auto enrolment, we would recommend reading The Pension Regulator’s Essential Guide to Automatic Enrolment, which is a 12-page document giving an overview of auto enrolment. A copy can be found here Essential Guide To Auto Enrolment

What you should avoid doing at the moment is looking at all of the Pension Regulator’s detailed guides. There are 49 guides and appendices, consisting of 580 pages! It will make your head fry. We have found it best to go to each guide when you need to find out more about a specific part of AE and contact the Pensions Regulator if you need any clarification. They can be contacted on 0845 600 1011 and in our experience they are great. They are really helpful, know their stuff, and if there is something they aren’t sure about, they will find out on the call and then email you confirmation. It’s also very easy to get through to them, with just one menu option and no waiting (at least so far!).

In The Pension Regulator’s Essential Guide (and elsewhere on this site), you will come across terminology and instructions that are unfamiliar or unclear but don’t worry, if you follow our simple step-by-step instructions, we’ll walk you through the process, explaining things as we go. As a reference point though, the most commonly used terms are explained here…

Ok, so let’s get started. GO TO STEP 2. GETTING STARTED

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