Create your auto enrolment action plan


Once you have found out your auto enrolment staging date, you can start to plan what you need to do.

(If you haven’t already found out your staging date, go to our previous post “How do I find out my staging date”.)

The Pensions Regulator site has a page that gives you a plan linked to your staging date.

Enter your staging date in the field shown below in step 2 of the staging date page (click to enlarge):

step 2

This will show you your action plan and timescales in relation to your staging date (click to enlarge):

planning AE blank

This plan gives you some guidance on what you need to do for auto enrolment and is a useful reference. However, we will be dealing with each of these stages in our step-by-step guide.


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Simon Harvey

Simon has been Managing Director of Benchmark Software for nearly 20 years, after taking over from his father who founded the Company back in 1978. Benchmark has been writing payroll software for over 25 years and as auto enrolment is centred around employee earnings and deductions, payroll is the perfect place to manage the auto enrolment process. Benchmark’s latest payroll package lets business owners run their entire auto enrolment process quickly and simply from one program. Simon can be contacted by emailing or visit

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