Make sure Workie doesn’t turn into Godzilla


Make sure Workie doesn’t turn into Godzilla

Dealing with Auto Enrolment in 2016 has been described to me in a number of ways over the past four years and none of them have been particularly complimentary.

They have included a tsunami, stampede and an asteroid; the general consensus being that UK PLC has dealt with the easy part of Auto Enrolment i.e. large numbers of employees and enough resources to deal with it, but that when it comes to the SME community a combination of unprecedented volumes and lack of engagement will expose Auto Enrolment flaws for all to see.

Well so far the Auto Enrolment ecosystem remains relatively unscathed. In fact, if social media is to be believed then providers and professionals set up to support employers have been somewhat underwhelmed.

This could mean a number of things including:

  1. An over estimation of 2016 stagers by the government i.e. lots of business with 2016 staging dates that don’t have employees.
  1. Employers are ready, willing and able to sort this out themselves and therefore do not require support services.
  1. Employers are ignoring it, either by design or by accident and perhaps hoping it will go away.

I genuinely have no fixed idea of what the reality is at this stage and given that the industry works six months in arrears reporting employer’s failure to comply with the legislation, we are not going to know for a while.

However if you are an employer staging in 2016 and have not started to consider the implications it will have on the day-to-day running of your business, I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Where better to start than Auto Enrolment Somerset’s step-by-step guide to auto enrolment;

and help make sure Workie doesn’t turn into Godzilla!


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Duncan Reeves

Duncan Reeves - Employee Benefits Specialist. Duncan has worked in financial services for over 15 years specialising in pensions and employee benefits and has worked for some of the most respected pension providers in the UK. He currently works for a national advisory business based in Bristol as an auto enrolment specialist where he is involved in every aspect of helping employers comply with their new responsibilities. Duncan’s favourite part of the role is being “out in the field” meeting with employers. Duncan can be contacted at Sanlam Wealth Planning on or visit

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