Proposed Auto Enrolment Thresholds for 2016/17


As payroll and auto enrolment software developers, we are regularly kept informed of prospective changes to legislation by HMRC and The Pensions Regulator. This is an email we received on 17 December 2015 confirming the auto enrolment thresholds for 2016/17:

Dear Payroll software providers,

Proposed AE Thresholds for 2016/17

The lower threshold and earnings trigger are remaining the same and the upper threshold has increased in line with the change to the upper earnings limit.

DWP will lay the regulations for the new thresholds early in the new year. These regulations will contain the proposed values for the different lengths of pay reference period. For your convenience in getting your 2016/17 software products finalised we have included our expected values for the different PRPs in the table below. However, you should check back with our website when the Order is laid before Parliament and be aware that the proposed changes in the Order will still be subject to the Parliamentary process and so may change.

Pay reference period Lower level of qualifying earnings (£) Earnings trigger for automatic enrolment (£) Upper level of qualifying earnings (£)
Annual 5,824 10,000 43,000
Bi-annual 2,912 4,998 21,500
Quarterly 1456 2,499 10,750
1 month 486 833 3,583
4 weeks 448 768 3,308
Fortnight 224 384 1,654
1 week 112 192 827

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