Starting Your Auto Enrolment Declaration Of Compliance


The Declaration of Compliance is a legal requirement that you MUST complete within five months of your staging date. There’s a fair amount involved so by starting it now before your staging date you can get the ball rolling and have less to do when you do reach your staging date. This is what the Pensions Regulator says:

“As part of your preparations, you should log in to our automatic enrolment declaration of compliance (registration) online service and start providing some of the information required as you get it.”

Alternatively, you can bring forward the staging date if you would like to start auto enrolment early. (I’m sure most business won’t do this but the option is there if you want to.)

This post covers the first four sections of the declaration of compliance, which you can complete before you have chosen your pension scheme.

The guide is quite long as we thought it might be useful to see all the steps involved. It’s not a particularly difficult process but it is a little daunting when you first look at it. If you would like to print a copy of this guide to have in front of you while you start the declaration, we have an RTF copy you can download:

Download RTF copy of “How to start your auto enrolment declaration of compliance”

The first thing to do is download the Pensions Regulator’s “Declaration of compliance (registration) checklist”. This tells you specific things you need to do, and the essential information you need to have, both for auto enrolment and your declaration of compliance.

Setting up your login and company details

To start, you need to go to the declaration of compliance Web site here:

The declaration Web site can be accessed from the Pensions Regulator site but you have to follow a number of links so you may want to add this link to your Favourites.

When you open this page, you will see this screen (click to enlarge):


Just to let you know, once you have created your login, you will get a login panel on this screen that looks like this (click to enlarge):


Back to the initial registration, click on the EMPLOYER button and you will get this screen (click to enlarge):


If you don’t you will need to get one. We have covered this in our post What information do you need to start Auto Enrolment?

If you have a Government Gateway ID, click “Yes” and you will go to this page (click to enlarge):


Enter your Login details and click “Login”. The next screen you see is this (click to enlarge):


Click on the link “Automatic Enrolment online registration (for employers) – The Pensions Regulator”. You will get the following screen (click to enlarge):


Enter your Letter Code, PAYE reference and a name for the scheme e.g. your company name. If you need to know more about this, go to our post What information do you need to start Auto Enrolment?

In the example, I used “Benchmark Software”. Once you have entered these details, click “Next” and you will get a confirmation screen (click to enlarge):


Next, click on “Back to your services”, which brings up the screen below. You can see that the name of the pension scheme, in this case “Benchmark Software”, has been appended to the “Automatic Enrolment online registration for employers” link (click to enlarge):


Click on “Automatic enrolment online registration (for employers) – The Pensions Regulator – [Your Company]”. You will then need to enter your contact and company details (click to enlarge):


This is the second part of the screen (click to enlarge):


Once you have saved these, you will be returned to the “Your services” screen (click to enlarge):


If you now click “Automatic enrolment online registration (for employers) – The Pensions Regulator – [Your Company]”, you will be taken to the Overview screen where you can start your declaration (click to enlarge):



Starting your declaration of compliance

Click on the button “Start Declaration”, on the left-hand side of the screen.

A Window will pop up if you haven’t reached your staging date (click to enlarge):


Click on “Start Declaration”. The main “Declaration” screen appears (click to enlarge):


There are eight tabs at the top (under the word “Declaration”), each for a different part of the declaration you have to complete. The tabs are:

  • Getting Started
  • About you
  • About the employer
  • PAYE scheme details
  • Pension scheme details
  • Workforce details
  • Summary & check
  • Declaration

We will now go through the first four of these tabs.

Getting Started

This is fairly self-explanatory, telling you what information you need. You don’t really need to do anything here. However, it is worth drawing your attention to the following statements made by the Pensions Regulator:

“You cannot submit this declaration until all eligible jobholders in employment on the staging date have been automatically enrolled.”


“If you partially complete this form, you must come back after the staging date (or after the end of the postponement period(s)) to submit these details to The Pensions Regulator and complete the declaration to finish the declaration process. You have a maximum of five months after your staging date to complete a declaration.”

When you are ready, click on the button at the bottom of the screen “Next: About you”.

About you

These are the details you entered for the person completing the declaration when you enrolled, which you can edit if required.

This is the first half of the page (click to enlarge):


And the second (click to enlarge):


All fairly straightforward. You will need to state your relationship to the employer from the drop-down menu at the end of the “Your details” section (click to enlarge):


When you have finished, click on the button “Next: About the Employer”

About the employer

On this section, you will see this screen (click to enlarge):


The employer/company name will already be entered but you will now need to add your company number issued by Companies House. If you don’t have this to hand you can look it up from the Companies House Web site using this link:

There is also a “Companies House WebCheck” link on the page This will then allow you to search for the company registration number (click to enlarge):


Simply enter the limited company name and click the “SEARCH” button and it will display the company name with the company number in the left hand column.

Then you can start entering the employer contact details (click to enlarge):


Followed by the employer correspondence address (click to enlarge):


The fields in this section are fairly self-explanatory but you will need to decide if you want correspondence sent via email or post. Note that there is a check box you can tick if the correspondence address is the same as the address you gave for yourself previously as the person making the declaration.

It is also mentioned that this is the address “at which legal notices can be officially served.” Just a little reminder that we are legally obliged to do the work. Thanks for that.

PAYE scheme details

This is the fourth and final step of your declaration that we cover in this guide. Enter your PAYE Reference in the field provided (click to enlarge):



That’s it for now until you get closer to your staging date. It is worth taking a look at the Declaration of compliance (registration) checklist again at this point.




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Simon has been Managing Director of Benchmark Software for nearly 20 years, after taking over from his father who founded the Company back in 1978. Benchmark has been writing payroll software for over 25 years and as auto enrolment is centred around employee earnings and deductions, payroll is the perfect place to manage the auto enrolment process. Benchmark’s latest payroll package lets business owners run their entire auto enrolment process quickly and simply from one program. Simon can be contacted by emailing or visit

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