Step 8. And Relax…

Well almost. Every three years you need to carry out re-enrolment and complete a new Declaration Of Compliance.

Tri-annual re-enrolment

Every three years you will need to carry out auto-re-enrolment. This is essentially the same process as auto enrolment, and as such you will need to process all of your current workers in the same way as you did originally. For example, all Eligible Jobholders will need to be automatically re-enrolled, even if they have previously opted-out. They will then have to opt-out again (and every subsequent three years). The thought process behind this is to ensure that no-one falls through the cracks, and as many people as possible start making their own pension provisions for the future.

Declaration Of Compliance

At the same time as re-enrolment (every three years), you will also need to re-submit a Declaration of Compliance.

These are the current time frames for re-enrolment and compliance declaration. Once all employers have staged and the scheme has been in place for a while, it is quite possible that these may change. Watch this space!

So that’s it. You should have everything you need to set up and run your auto enrolment scheme! Pat yourself on the back and breathe a sigh of relief. For those of you that are gluttons for punishment, there’s lots of further information in our Step-By-Step Guide – Further Reading and FAQ sections; and updates and AE related news is posted in the News and Views section.


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